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A Stone Cleaning and Grout Recoloring Job in Jacksonville, FL Achieved Incredible Results in This Kitchen

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December 22, 2017

It's Christmas and people usually exchange a lot of gifts during this time of the year. No matter the type, gifts are always welcome and even more so in Christmas, when families normally spend time together. That was the case with this client in Jacksonville, FL. This mother of two had been living in her beautiful house for the last 15 years, and unfortunately, her home was showing signs of deterioration, especially her kitchen floor. She was a doctor and had two sons who lived abroad but always visited for Christmas. December was very special for all of them because they had good family memories. This year, the sons wanted to give their mother a gift that they knew she wanted and needed: the best stone cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL. After all, her travertine kitchen floor really needed it.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Cleaning Service in Jacksonville, FL
The woman had a full-time job that didn't allow her to spend a lot of time doing chores around the house, including deeply cleaning her travertine kitchen floor. After 15 years, the travertine floor looked different than when it was first installed. The grout lines were very dirty. When the homeowner had time to deeply clean her house, she bought several cleaning products to clean the floor. However, she had not seen the results she had wanted. She knew about the gift her boys were going to give to her for Christmas and was very excited about it. She asked her sons what company they were going to hire. They said there was no better option than Sir Grout of NE Florida. One of them had used our tile and grout cleaning service in Boston and loved the results.

The mother of two had a couple of weeks off from work and decided to remodel her house. She was not completely convinced about our services. She wanted to see examples of the reliable and high-quality services we provide. Her sons, who had already arrived for Christmas, got on the computer and searched for the "best stone cleaning job in Jacksonville, FL." We were the top search result. The homeowner started to look at some of the pictures on the "Before and After" section of our website and read a lot of testimonials from satisfied clients who praised the excellent results of our services. After seeing the pictures and reading the reviews, the doctor was convinced and told her sons to call us and schedule a free, in-home consultation as soon as possible.

On the day of the evaluation, our experts arrived at the house to evaluate the kitchen floor the sons had told us about and offer the best possible solution. Our technicians noticed that the travertine looked eroded and the grout lines were dirty. Something needed to be done. Our specialists explained that most homeowners use incorrect cleaning products and methods, not knowing that they are damaging the stone. Our technicians offered a stone and grout cleaning service to solve the problem. Additionally, our team recommended sealing the grout lines with our exclusive product, ColorSeal. The homeowner trusted our team and what she had seen online. She agreed immediately.

A few days later, our team came back to start the cleaning process. The first step was to cover all the areas that needed to be protected before beginning the process itself. Then, we proceeded to deeply clean the surface using a special stone cleaner and a high-speed scrubber. The next step was to remove all traces of the cleaner using a wet vacuum.

Once the travertine and grout lines were clean, it was time to apply our unique and exclusive ColorSeal to the stone. Our experts explained that this product protects stone surfaces from dirt, stains, and other substances like grease, oil, and wine. Also, it protects the stone's natural grain or finish. Additionally, our team mentioned that ColorSeal comes in several colors and shades that she could choose from. The doctor decided to make a dramatic change and chose gray, which brought out the life in the stone. Since she had been remodeling a midcentury modern home, she thought this was the perfect finish for the stone floor.

When our work was done, our technicians showed the client the outcome. She couldn't believe her eyes. It looked gorgeous! She immediately took some pictures to show her sons. She thanked us for a job well done and mentioned that she would recommend us to anyone who needed hard surface restoration services.

Before our team left, they gave her some tips on how to keep her kitchen floor looking great. Our experts explained that any substance that gets spilled on the floor should be cleaned up immediately because acidic and alkaline substances can break the sealant over time and damage the stone. We recommended using specialized natural stone cleaners. She thanked us again for the outstanding service and recommendations.

Most homeowners have no idea that stone surfaces can easily be damaged by spills, and using incorrect cleaning materials will only make matters worse. Using acid-based cleaners such as detergents, soaps, and vinegar will damage and etch the surface of the stone.

If you need a reliable and high-quality stone cleaning service, we can help! Sir Grout of NE Florida has the best professionals in the hard surface restoration industry. Fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free, in-home evaluation, or give us a call at (904) 420-4141 to learn more about our services. Be sure to also subscribe to our newsletter.

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